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Are you looking for a funeral director or for advice about funerals in Yarm, Cleveland? Do you require a dignified funeral at an affordable price?

The purpose of this website is to provide as much help and guidance as possible regarding funerals — including assistance in finding a funeral director in the UK, information on prepaid funerals, and what to do when someone dies. Some families have environmental concerns and request environmentally-friendly funerals or green funerals, reflecting an awareness that a generation past can help a future generation by using a traditional coffin cover that contains an eco-friendly cardboard interior and thus eliminates the need to cut down trees. This page is designed to help you locate a local funeral director who can provide the funeral service you require in your local area.

If you require guidance, or you wish to update any of the information below, or if you are a Funeral Director with a website and you would like there to be a link from this page to your website, please get in touch with us at giving us all relevant details. (There is no charge for this service.)

So here are the Funeral Directors and Undertakers we know about in Yarm, Cleveland ...

Barthram Funeral Service

5 The Wynd,

Hutton Rudby



01642 700244

  Choosing a Funeral Director

Shopping around for a funeral director when you are recently bereaved is not easy. The majority of people choosing a funeral director may have no need to this — their family may have used a particular undertakers before, or perhaps a funeral director has been recommended by a relative or friend, or maybe there is a funeral parlour near to the deceased's former residence. But without the knowledge gained from a past experience, the following guide to finding a funeral director in the UK might help:

  • Make sure that the funeral directors concerned are members of a recognised trade association NAFD or SAIF. These logos will be clearly displayed in advertisements or in premises.
  • Think about the type of funeral you might want and ring funeral homes for competitive prices before inviting a funeral director to call. (Ensure you are comparing like-for-like funeral services.)
  • Many funeral directing companies are owned by regional or national concerns — make sure you are not ringing several branches of the same company and receiving the same price.
  • Ask how much the coffins cost and try and get an accurate description and preferably a colour coffin brochure so that fair comparisons can be made.

  What to do after death

Click here for detailed information.

  How to Register a Death

Click here for guidance on what you need to do and the documents you require.

  Help with Funeral Costs

Click here for help and guidance as regards funeral costs.

  Headstones and Memorials for cemeteries and churchyards in the UK

Click here if you are looking for a Monumental Mason.

  In Summary

If you looking for a funeral director in Yarm, Cleveland or seeking advice about funerals, this website can help you. It can inform you about dignified funeral options at affordable prices and provide guidance about environmentally-friendly coffins.

If you are a funeral director and you are not listed on this page, or you want to make an amendment or add a website link, please provide all relevant details in writing either by emailing us at or faxing us on 01274 526902 and we will make the inclusions or amendments free of charge.

This page is designed to help you locate funeral directors and undertakers who are able to provide a funeral service in Yarm, Cleveland. There is also guidance on choosing a funeral director and what to do after death as well as general advice and relevant internet links. The information provided on this page should be considered as advice and guidance and not recommendation. As publishers of this website we cannot be held responsible for the workmanship provided by those listed; and we reserve the right to remove any listing at our discretion and without informing those concerned.

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