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When a arranging a funeral for a close relative or friend, or just making funeral plans for the future, the thought of spending a significant sum on a traditional coffin may seem to be at odds with "the way they lived their life;" or to be incompatible with the environmental ethics that they tried to uphold.

A cardboard coffin may be the ideal solution to the problem and can be bought for use in woodland cemeteries, green burials, environmentally-friendly funerals, or for an alternative funeral where an individual request may include a painted coffin.

Cardboard coffins supplied by ourselves are made from extra thick "Toughwall" double-thickness corrugated board, with an additional internal lining for support along the base to fulfil all the practical requirements of a coffin. Each coffin is provided with three die-cut handles on each side and one at each end and may be used for a traditional funeral or for a simple nature funeral where an eco-burial is part of the funeral plan.

Cardboard Coffin

The Cardboard coffin may be purchased and received either though the post, collected or delivered. This eco-friendly coffin itself will be complete and include an engraved name plate if requested. (The crematorium or cemetery will not accept any kind of a coffin, whether it is a traditional veneered coffin or a bamboo, wicker, willow or cardboard coffin for burial or cremation if the coffin is not clearly identified with the person inside.)

Cardboard coffin with no lid, no interior and no frill

The interior of the cardboard coffin includes a fitted cardboard pillow as shown. For practical reasons and to avoid any unnecessary distress at the funeral a "cremfilm" lining is provided. This plastic lining complies with the strict guidelines on emissions at the crematorium and we recommend that the waterproof lining is left inside. Some people may feel that it is inappropriate for an environmentally friendly coffin to contain such a material and may want to remove it.

Cardboard coffin with crem film

It is important to replace the plastic lining with some other kind of absorbent material if the lining is removed. (Materials like sawdust and shredded paper are not permitted at the crematorium.)

  The environmentally-friendly coffin for burial or cremation

The base of the coffin is made 25% recycled materials, while the lid and the pillow are made from 75% recycled materials.

This cardboard coffin has been tested to a weight of 238lb (17 stones) in dry conditions without additional underneath support.

There are two sizes of cardboard coffin: 6’2” long x 22” wide and 13” deep, or 6’2” long x 20” wide and 12” deep

Cardboard coffin open with frill and nameplate

If required, the cardboard coffin can be supplied with an elasticated frill to fit around the top of the coffin. For some families this may provide a more acceptable traditional appearance, particularly if the they and other members of the family want to view the deceased inside the coffin prior to the funeral. A similar effect could be produced by using a plain white sheet instead.

  Prepaid funeral plans and green funerals

For anyone planning a funeral in advance and who would wish to use an eco-coffin as part of a pre-paid funeral plan, it is important to ensure that the funeral director providing the prepayment arrangements are willing to supply the cardboard coffin as detailed. Should you require any further information, please contact us on 0274 571021.

  Combining a traditional funeral with a green eco-friendly coffin

A cardboard coffin looks exactly as one would imagine it to look — a plain simple coffin that provides a necessary practical function. For anyone who would like to combine the above with the dignity of a traditional coffin see or simply click here.

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